What if we had Pokémon Go, but with real animals ?

RangerGo is an upcoming real-world location based Android and iPhone game that puts you in the shoes of a wildlife ranger interacting with virtual bio-diversity around you, similar in a few core ways to the famous Pokémon Go

The animals that you find around you in the game are from species that can actually be found around your physical location in the real world.

Each animal that you find in the game is unique, almost never disappears and actually moves around your neighbourhood over time

The gameplay and the mechanics are still being fully worked out, but here are a few things we’re planning

  • Tag animals & Track them via a working tracker/radar system
  • Respond to “events” in a system similar to Crusader Kings 2
  • A “bio-dex” of nearby species
  • Name-able, unique individual animals that move around over time
  • Herds/Packs of animals
  • Migrations
  • Day and Night Cycle based activity as relevant to each species

RangerGo is currently under active development and limited alpha testing.

Please apply at https://goo.gl/Ho9K3q to join the alpha tester program and help make RangerGo a reality

Do share your thoughts, screenshots, etc at reddit.com/r/rangergo and follow the progress here and at facebook.com/RangerGoApp/